Laminex benchtops, manufactured and supplied by Allform Timber, provide distinctive characteristics that make it the perfect application for benchtops in your home, business or restaurant, and it is often the best choice to transform your showroom, kitchen, bathroom or playroom. Working with Allform Timber, Laminex provides the flexibility to allow you to redesign your room cost effectively by maximising the use of the available space and combining a wide range of colours and textures to give a perfect result.

laminex benchtop

laminex benchtop

Allform Timber can manufacture and supply a wide range of standard and custom made laminate benchtops in almost any colour, shape or size and with both square and round edges. We work with individual customer or builders, architects and designers from the building trade, to craft customized products for specific requirements. Our ability to turn your ideas into reality ensure that Allform Timber manufactured laminate products can be found in private homes, workplaces and public buildings all over the Victoria.

Produced in our combined workshop, design studio and showroom and working only with Australia’s laminates, Allform Timber will deliver a product that is not only built to last but also good to look at. With our attention to detail and strict standards and using sustainably sourced, stunning Wood, we carefully control the entire process, to manufacture laminex benchtops that fit perfectly into your bathroom. kitchen or laundry. We measure our success by crafting only the most beautiful laminex benchtops. We are positive you will be delighted with the result.

Whether you choose from our wide range of recycled Wooden or new Wooden laminates, Allform Timber can build and install benchtops that will significantly add value to your home or business. We specialize in using our wide range of up-cycled or new selected Wooden to create stunning benchtops to

form an architecturally pleasing focal point with a final product that is specifically created to meet your requirements and taste.

There is nothing as energizing as finding a fantastic and sustainable product that will lift your mood as you enter a room. This is why so many designers or home owners prefer Wooden benchtops crafted by Allform Timber. Call us now on 0438 373 319.

Made exclusively from Australian recycled Wooden Allform Timber also make and supply recycled Wooden flooring or new wood flooring in your home or business.